Protecting Your Drone: Keeping New Technology Safe & Secure

With the explosion in drone sales in North America - between April 2015 and April 2016, the number of sales grew by 224% - more and more people have decided to become part of the drone revolution. Sure, many people are quick to jump on any new technology fad, but drones have proved to have many practical uses that may indicate that drone technology is here to stay.

Drones have really revolutionized the Real Estate and Photography industries by providing visuals and photography angles that were, at one time, next to impossible. That being said, drones are prone to damage. Especially since they're relatively new to consumers and the proper handling of them is still being established.

The most common ways a drone can be damaged are unexpected crashes, water damage and transporting from location to location. While there's nothing we can do for you and your drone while it's in the air, we can definitely help protect your drone from getting wet or remaining secure as you take it from your home to your preferred destination. Or, better yet, if you're a drone manufacturer and are looking for safe and secure way to get your drones in the hands of your clients.

When it comes to drones, the need for proper protective custom cases is multiplied. Drones come in all shapes and sizes – a reality that specifies the need for protective cases to provide as much diversity in protection. As assembly is required before each use (meaning that, conversely, disassembly is required after every flight) custom casing and internal protective foam need to be manufactured to the specifications of each, individual drone as well.

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